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Time to Write

How many times have you said, I will write tomorrow? Or next week, when there’s less stress at work? Or, I’ll start writing at the beginning of the month; I’ll make time for it come Monday? In that aspect writing is a little like dieting, isn’t it? There’s always a better time for it sometime in the future.

Writers will tell you that there’s never a good time to write unless you do it right now.…

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my girl angie knows privilege and can acknowledge that its not “ooo i worked harder to get here and if some women work this hard they could be standing here too”

but more like “my opportunities are better because i was born into a position thats easier to get them and i acknowledge that that is unfair”

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All You Can Eat: A Buffet of Lesbian Erotica and Romance edited by Andi Marquette & R.G. Emanuelle


In some ways, I was brought up rather conservatively and must confess that I’m sometimes sticking to self-imposed traditions tightly. One of those is that I rarely strike out to explore all the excellent, talented writers of the genres I prefer. While I pushed myself to not limit myself when it comes to genre, I usually stick with the writers I know.

I’ve been reading lesbian romance for… let’s…

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Going Home

I’m home – on vacation. I don’t know how you feel about going home but I always get nostalgic. My hometown is a good place for that, it’s an old city (and by old I mean middle ages-old). There is so much beauty in this place, so much history. And I love both of these aspects. But it’s also a small city where nothing much changes, a conservative place.


Interestingly, my hometown has a literary…

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I’m writing [1]

I’m writing [1]

At least, I’m trying. I don’t have to tell you that life can get between you and your passion all too often, we all know how that works. When I’m writing, though, I’m working on either of these two ideas, stories… whatever you want to call them.

The Affair– The title is what it’s about; two women are having an affair. I like the psychological predicament of the situation, the guilt, the…

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Did I Say That The Chapter Was Going To Be Twice As Long, I Lied: a novel by me

Did I Say This Was Supposed Be a One-Shot, Oh God What Have I Done: a novel by me